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Why Staff Training Matters for: Show Organizers (Part II)

Show organizers, we would be remiss if we didn’t include you in our Everybody Wins series. So here’s how you as a stakeholder benefit from our services.

Why Staff Training Matters for: Attendees    (Part I)

If you’ve gone spelunking through our blog archive, by now you’ve gathered that training staff is your best asset to stand out at your show, get better leads, and have a whole lot more fun at the show. It benefits everyone: attendees, show organizers, your company, and even other booths. I’m writing some extra content around these topics...

The Anatomy of a Great Intro

 Getting wave upon wave of attendees over to your booth starts here. And just like a funnel, not introing a large number of attendees means a lower number will stop, an even lower amount will be a match for what you do, and only a paltry number will be your qualified leads.

How Sales & Trade Shows Have Changed

And How That’s Affecting Your Show  We all know we’re living in a time unlike any other, and where many things are rapidly changing. One aspect that I’ve been thinking about more lately is the evolution of selling, and it's connection in how to have a successful trade show booth.

The Top 6 Trade Show Mistakes New Exhibitors Make

As the expression goes: hindsight is 20/20. And there certainly is a kind of bittersweetness to the growing pains of with running a new business and being a new exhibitor. But in case you want to hedge against a few of those new exhibitor pains, read below!

Why is ROI Difficult to Track? (And How to Make it Flow Like Whoa)

Ok, so rhyming is not my strong suit. But I do think figuring out how to calculate the  ROI of a trade show is a common challenge for companies, startup and seasoned alike. Here’s what makes it difficult and what to do about it.

Why Don’t Companies Hire Outside Help with Booth Staffing?

  I’m going to unpack a lot of myths and potentially some hubris a lot of us have about staffing and even our own companies. I will (of course!) do it in a delightful way but just be honest with yourself about which of these myths underlie why your company hasn’t hired out before, or only does it as a last-minute Hail Mary.

How Do I Know My Startup is Ready for its First Trade Show?

They grow up so fast! I remember my first startup like it was yesterday. Here are some common scenarios I’ve seen and best courses of action for each.

3 Benefits to Going to the Same Trade Show(s) Consistently for SMBs

(This is of course assuming the show is a good for what your company does, you can read more about how to pick the right show here.) Being a SMB makes you very conscious of where money is being allocated. Once you've found a trade show that attracts a high volume of your ideal customer, here are some additional benefits of trade shows you keep...

Trade Show Home Runs: How to Measure Success

 Everyone wants to go home able to predict success. And undoubtedly, there’s going to be someone from your company that is curious (maybe you!) to see the hard numbers that will demonstrate ROI from that trade show. Below is how to measure what happened at your event.  Look at these beforehand and establish with those going exactly what your...

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